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Monster Slime
by Aysh Siddiqua on

Learning Crochet Through Books
by Aysh Siddiqua on

Our Adventure To Teaching Our Son Four Languages In Six Years
by Aysh Siddiqua on

Happy Happy Breakfast!
by Aysh Siddiqua on

Moving your home with a Toddler in Tow
by Aysh Siddiqua on

36 Inspired Ideas for Kids Party Activities
by Aysh Siddiqua on

Build Your Own Glider
by Aysh Siddiqua on

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I am Aysh. I am a 30 something, Indian born, mum to 4.  I started blogging in 2003. It is my place to share my craze and passion for 'life, people and positive living'. I believe in 'Living Life To The Fullest'. Yes a die-hard optimist! I am a Crochet addict, Tatting enthusiast, craft lover and all things kids. I Blog at Words n Needles about Positive Parenting, Productive Living and Craftsy Adventures.  


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