Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life Skills: The 'Don't Fret Just Kiss' Rule

Let's talk a little more about Time Management as a life skill. I already told you how not to do everything at the same time. Let's talk about another time waster that we are all so fond of: Worrying.

Simplify Life
I like to think of worrying as your brain behaving like a toddler telling you facts. Toddlers make up stuff all the time. It doesn't mean that they are lying. No, they just have a very big imagination. We, I believe, don't really grow up. We may seem to have given up on imagination and fairy tales and make believe but our brains still does that. When we were kids, we gave ourselves nightmares. When we grow up we gave ourselves 'worry'. The license to fret over every little thing too. To obsess, to be anxious, to worry.

If we look at all the ways we worry, it would come to a very long list. We magnify our problems and look at it under all those microscopes. Micro-detailing things, as I like to call it. We forget that we are wasting our time and our energy doing it. In fact, we don't realize it!

What I'd like to say is: Don't Fret, Just KISS!

KISS, stands for Keep it simple Stupid. That's another of the gems I collected years ago and I love love it. What it really means is that we should simplify our lives actively.

Go ahead stick it on your wall or your desktop. We all need to be reminded of it all the time!
Worrying solves nothing. It just magnifies the problem to look bigger than it really is. It causes anxiety and stress and even before we have begun, we have been defeated by the sheer thought of it. You end up fretting over something that really didn't require all that attention. Worrying, shifts your focus, screwing it up to look bigger, wilder and sometimes scary too. I am not saying that you should not think about a problem but rather, just that when we do think, we should think clearly. Try to stay calm than jump to conclusions. Put on your thinking hat when you are dealing with it.

My problem, as with most moms- Stay At Home or otherwise, is the chores. I always feel that if I didn't have chores to do, I'd accomplish a lot and go a lotta places. (May be get my PhD too! What? I can dream, can't I?!)

So as I were saying, when you think of a problem, put on your thinking hat. Chores, are just that, a chore. We all have them. We all hate them but we all have to do it. Some of us are super successful, some are not and some so smartly, outsource them. If you are like me who wants to do it all then this post is definitely for you. Let's find ways to KISS together.

Here is my take on problem solving: Think of your problem as a giant cookies. You can't put the whole of it into your mouth. You wouldn't be able to chew or swallow, even if you tried. How would you eat it then? Yes, you'd take a bite, chew it properly and then swallow it. You don't wanna be a Cookie Monster either. As we all know, Cookie Monster only creates crumbs. We don't want the extra job of having to be the one sweeping the crumbs too, do we?

What I am saying is that when you have a problem:

  • Break it down to as many small do-able tasks as is possible.
  • Clear one task before you move on to the other one.
  • Make sure the whole problem is solved before you pick on another bigger one.
  • Don't fill your list with more things before you have removed, erased or ticked off one task. Never head EAST, remember.
  • Don't get into the habit of jumping from one thing to another either.

I also believe in working fast when you are doing chores. You don't want to be the one doing chores all day, would you? Think about why it is possible to clean a whole messed up house, from dishes to vacuuming to putting things in order in two hours, if you have a guest coming over all of a sudden. The reason why we accomplish that, is because we are racing against time. We don't want to get caught with a duster and a mop in our hand when they arrive! Exactly that! You know you can work fast. So do it often. One way I find easier to achieving those results is when I promise myself something. 'If I clean up the dishes at night, I'll sleep in till the kids wake me the next morning.' That, has never happened so far but I love getting up to a clean kitchen. It just makes my day start so happier.

Here are a couple of ways, I try to keep things together.

In the Kitchen

The reason I am starting with the kitchen is because, I am the kind of person who tenses up if there are dishes in my sink. (Okay, I'll be honest, I fall in to depression.) It can also be frustrating if you stay at home all day and you don't have a decent meal cooked up at dinner. If someone else says that and if that someone is your kid or your husband... ouch.

Here is what to do:
  • Get into a habit of clearing and cleaning up stuff as and when you get it or make it. That goes for clearing the counters, wiping the appliances, doing the dishes, putting them away and most importantly the grocery.
  • How do you clear grocery? No, don't just put them in the fridge, freezer or pantry and forget about it. Cut the vegies and fruits and freeze them or do whatever it is you wanted to do. You bought carrots and cabbage for the coleslaw? How long does it take to run them through the processor.
  • Sort the meats, chicken and fish. You want to grill that chicken, make kabobs of that mince? Instead of putting it away to be tackled later, add the spices or marinade and then freeze it. You eliminate one step for your very busy weekday.
  • Make Freezer Meals. I always cook two or more portions more than I need and then I freeze it. It saves me a lot of stree when I cannot cook anything at all. I also make half cooked meals. Things like pizza base, boiled macaroni,  fillings of various sorts, get the idea/
  • Cheat. When you cook, cheat. I always look for shortcuts when I cook. Canned beans, store bought tomato paste, store bought frozen vegies and frozen meals. (Always read the ingredients for what is in there!) Try using what is readily available in your 5 minute meals. Some frozen vegies, some pre cooked frozen chicken, left over rice... voila! Fried rice.
  • Plan your meals. Always plan your meals. I didn't do this until very recently and this made life so much easier. You know exactly what you are having and so does everybody else in your family. you have all the groceries too because when you go shopping, you know exactly what to buy. Then there is also the choice of having time to do the preparations in advance. 

 Home and Laundry

There are just too many things needed to keep your home and hearth in order. When do you declutter, vacuum that rug, clean those floors... aagh! The bathrooms! You just don't know when to do the laundry... or you do it everyday and you need control? We all have some laundry trouble and more so if you already have other things to think about. This is what I found working for me:

  1.  Make a Schedule. Whatever works for you is just fine but just make sure you aren't doing everything all the time. Laundry 3 times a week (i.e, Whites/darks/coloured), Vacuum twice a week, the floors once a week. Get the idea?
  2. What about  wardrobes: Hang everything. No... I mean the clothes. I have gone crazy about that. I hang everything that I can and those that I can't... I roll them and place them in rows. they look neat, visible and they stay put even if they fall out for some reason.
  3. Put the sheets in their cases and roll the towels.
  4. How to keep your house looking clean and longer? Get in the habit of giving your house the once over every night. You cannot be everywhere so involve your family. Make it a tradition that every night before going to bed each of you does their share of house work. This is how we do it:
  • Kids: Every night before bed: kids put the toys and books away.  He arrange his bag for school the next day. She just puts her stuff away. They put everyone's shoes away at the door.  (We have a common shoe storage)
  • Hubby: Every night before bed he sorts the change, receipts and the mail. He has to put the media and laptops and chargers back where they belong.  That is as easy as putting his hands into his pocket and putting the laptop and chargers in their places, actually!
  • Me: I clean the kitchen counters and dishes if any. I also sort and start the laundry for the next day.

There are days when we don't do it all and things look a mess but that is okay. We go back and do it again. Somedays the dishes will be and the laundry needing to be sorted but... Atleast life is simple. Don't worry about it. Things will get done. As a mom, I cannot do it all. With two kids, I managed. With two kids and a pregnancy, I struggled. With three kids and an illness, I gave up. I am not ashamed of it because I know my priorities and I believe, I am doing good on that front., so it's okay. As I said, don't fret... relax. It is okay to be less than perfect. Perfection kills. Life will go on but your health if you destroy it worrying, you can't get it back. Trust me, I am living this. You have one life, one body. Don't waste it worrying.

Don't Worry
Go ahead... Pin it!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Self Care After A C-Section

Do you know what is really crushing about dreaming about the big day when you'll come home holding your baby is? Trying to include a raw scar in to the dream.

I am talking about Cesarean Sections. I am not a doctor but I have an experience of four C-sections to tell you about. Most people don't know that you can have 3-5 C-sections depending on the first one you had. Strangely, I have come to learn very recently that there are some doctors who don't know that too. I had the misfortune of falling sick during my last pregnancy and some really qualified doctors were shocked that I was having my fourth baby after having gone through three Cesarean sections already.

Then, there is the fact that some people actually believe that all cesarean sections are elective and that we go through it to avoid the pain of labour. I have no idea how to answer them except by asking if they have ever experienced a surgery before. Really, how can it be an easy delivery if you come home with a wound almost a hand span long and nurse it for the next three months? You cannot sit up without support or even hold your baby without assistance. Why would anyone choose to elect that?

 For those who don't know, most ladies have a last minute Emergency C-section or they may need an Elective one, if during the course of their pregnancy the doctor discovers that her baby cannot be delivered naturally due to a medical or physical reason. It is true that repeat Cesareans are becoming very common but so are conditions making it a necessary. If you are a second time Momma and you have been told you will have a C-section again, ask 'why'. Go for second opinions, before you agree. Inspite of it all, you do end up with another one, don't despair you can have 5 kids if you have a bikini cut and 3 even if your is a classic one.

Here are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that your recovery from a C-section is healthy and comfortable:

  1. Pain. Your doctor will provide you with pain killers both in the form of injections and in tablet forms. Do take them. I know quite a few women who worry about the safety of pain medication on themselves and their child. Trust me when you're cut like that and in pain, you don't want to be thinking about safety. Doctors do provide the best care and prescription available for you. Trust your doctor. If you have any concerns, discuss it with him/her but don't by yourself interrupt the course of your medication.
    The first day is usually the worst. It doesn't matter if your anesthesia was spinal or general but in both cases the first day is terrible. Try as much as possible to sleep. Limit your visitors and let someone else take care of your baby. Don't worry, you will still bond with your child after you go home. Right then is the moment to rest. It is often very distracting and if it is your first child, very exciting too, for you to fall asleep. You have to try and get the rest even if you cannot sleep because that is the only thing that will ease your pain.
    You will be given pain killers to take home too. Take them as directed. You may feel that you have no pain and therefore no need for them but as I said earlier, do not interrupt the course of your medication without your doctor's advice.
  2. Sleeping: If you have had a spinal, the nurses will be instructed to make sure you lie straight and do not move for the next 24hrs. Try to maintain that posture. Lie down as straight as possible. Do not move your spine. There will be the danger of slipping a disc. I had that problem in my third delivery. They didn't tell me that I was to lie straight and it was my first spinal anesthesia C-section. I didn't understand why I was in so much pain. I kept asking for pain killers after pain killers. In my fourth C-Section, the nurse informed me the minute I was moved to recovery that I will have to lay straight and not move my spine for the next 24hrs and even after that I will need to rest as much as possible. This was again repeated to me when they moved me to my room. The doctors on duty on every shift reminded me too. I was reminded over and over so that I understand the importance of it and it has been so surprising that inspite of it being my fourth, my recovery was faster and more pain free.
  3. Eating: Try to avoid foods that produce gas. You don't want gas when you are postpartum with a C-Section. The gas will push against your incision from the inside giving your more pain and also a bloated stomach which means your incision being stretched. After coming home too avoid the gassy foods. The gas then, although there will be no pain in your incision, will make your stomach bloat up and since you have been pregnant and your muscles are still lax, it will give you a protruding belly. In the long run, you'll have trouble sucking it back in.
  4. Posture: Sit straight. Because when you slunch over, you will be pushing your abdominal muscles together. It will be painful and it will be bad for your tummy that is trying to tighten up. Also you will give yourself a bad back. Then, there is bad posture for breatfeeding too. If you sit slouched then your baby cannot latch on properly which will give you breastfeeding problems.
    Stand Straight: It will prevent back ache foremost and then the protruding tummy problem too. When you stand straight and walk straight, your spine is perfectly aligned to give your muscles the chance to get in their normal state. When you hunch forward or bend over, there is less muscle that is straightening up. The incision that is a cut in your skin will be shrinking to heal. When you are bent forward all the time, that is how it will remain so, so when you do stand up straight, you will feel a stretching or tearing in your incision or/and pain. I hope, I made sense.When you stand straight, it will be easier for you to heal and your posture will prevent you from getting back aches. One of the reason why women complain of back aches after a C-section is this. It is not the spinal anesthesia ladies, it your posture and your sleeping habit.
    Lay down straight and without a pillow. I have done this many times and it really works. If you get a back ache, sleep with out your pillow.When you sit, sit straight or with a pillow behind the small of your back. When you have to hold or feed the baby, do so with a pillow under the baby.
  5. Don't lift heavy objects. Even your baby can be heavy, so for the first three days don't lift your child yourself. Let someone assist you. You don't haave to feed the baby either. Don't worry you can breastfeed exclusively, even if you start after three days. I have done it and I know many who have. Don't stretch your incision by lifting, is what I want to say.
  6. Don't bend at the waist. Never bend at the waist actually. Practice the proper way to bend. It is right to get down at your knees. Lift properly too. Not just the first few days but always.
  7. Wear a belt. You can safely wear a belt from a week after your delivery. Find a proper comfortable belt that will support your belly and your back. There are many available in different designs and material. It should not be tight. No, you cannot get your belly to go in that way and that is not the purpose of your postpartum belt. It is to support your belly and keep you comfortable.
    You can also wear Bodywear or Figure Wear that are now becoming quite popular. They support your belly and keep it tucked in too. Just make sure it isn't tight. It should fit you comfortably not snuggly. These types of underwear are safer after two or three weeks postpartum. Discuss with your doctor because doctors differ on their opinion of figure/body wear.
  8. Take your Multi Vitamins. If you have not been prescribed then ask for them. You need your calcium and since you are recovering from having a baby, you definitely need the iron for your blood loss. Zinc is another element you need. It will keep those aches away.
  9. Take a Laxative. This is for two reasons. One, because you don't need gas (read #3). Two, because you'll need to keep that tummy in. I was prescribed two tablets of a herbal laxative three times a day in my fourth delivery. At first, I thought it was a printing mistake or something, so I went and asked. I can't stress enough how much difference that made to my over all recovery. If you have doubts about it or if your doctor has not prescribed it for you, discuss with her/him on your next visit.
  10. Drink Milk and have a boiled egg. For the calcium, protein and the energy that is. You don't want your body pulling the calcium from your bones. I had severe pain in my back in my second delivery even though it was general anesthesia and an over all weakness inspite of the calcium suppliment. My doctor asked me if I was taking my proteins. I started on the boiled egg and milk everyday and proceeded to breastfeed my newborn exclusively and run after a 14month old toddler at the same time!
  11. Drink water. As much as you can not just 8 glasses, that is. Whether it is your normal delivery or your C-section you will notice that you will sweat a lot. Add to that you are breastfeeding and you will have all kinds of aches. There will be also fungul infections due to your antibiotics. The best way to avoid that is take more water. Wash out everything. Just make it a habit to drink a glass of water every wakeful hour and then notice the difference.
  12. Do not excercise. Kegels are okay but don't go more than that for the first three months. I know you have heard or read that walking is okay too but trust me, you can avoid a lot of back ache by avoiding any kind of excercise.Ofcourse that doesn't mean you lay down and go on a bed rest. No, walk around your home, be natural but don't go for long walks. For the first three months, you need as much rest and laying down as possible. Don't walk too much and excercise. This is not the time to worry about your weight or your tummy. You will start to lose weight gradually and it is better that way. Healthier actually.
  13. Keep your incision clean. Your doctor will remove the dressing on your wound the next day after surgery or after three days. That differs according to doctors but once they do remove it, keep it clean. Use alcohol swabs to clean it and don't apply anything. Watch out for any pus or discharge and report immediately.
  14. Take care about allergies. If it is your first pregnancy then you have to be extra careful with the medications especially the antibiotics that are being given to you. Since most of them will be first time you and your doctor may not know what works on you. Be very alert about any itching, rash or uncomfortable feeling. You can get a rash in your incision too. You can be allergic to the skin cleaning agents that they use too or the plaster. Tell the nurses immediately and inform your doctor at the earliest.

As I said earlier, I am not a doctor but... I have an experience and some really good doctors who gave me the best advice and medical help they could when I needed it. If you have had or are having a C-Section, don't fear it and don't feel less about yourself for not having a natural birthing experiene.
Be positive. Just remember, 'You're a Mom and the best one your kid could have, God decided that'!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tatting with Beads

Did I ever mention I am terrified of tatting with beads? No, I guess. haven't. I made this Jon Yousuf's pattern once and it was a size 40 thread. Then I got myself started on another pattern using the same yarn and got stuck and wound up so badly that I swore off tatting using beads. Then... saw some tatted jewellery on pinterest. Now, I am practicing with baby steps. The hearts above are a pattern I had saved up a long time ago. I don't know whose it is but if anyone does, leave me a message and I'd gladly include the credits here.

I had been expeimenting to see how it would look with the yarn and beads being the same colour, when I did the fist one. Didn't like it so made another one with darker beads. Can do better, no? I'll play with some more colours, I think. ::smile::

Oh and... I changed my template to a more simplistic one. What do you think? I still have a lot of things to add and subtract but that will be another day. Do you think I should increase the font sizevor is it okay? Anything.

Monday, April 14, 2014


This is what I have been busy with th past week. I am sorry I couldn't come here and tell you guys about it. All my free seconds were going listening and taking notes.

The Mom Conference was a FREE week-long online event packed with 30 inspiring interviews and videos with some of the top bestselling authors, parenting experts, fitness gurus and DIY pros!

I have had an awesome time (and there are three hours left for it to finish and I have three more videos to see. Aaaaagh! )

I also have a bad cold.. you know that kind when you sound like youre speaking into a fan? Did you that too when you were young?

Right, yes, I know that conference ended today but good news is you can collect al those videos and more here.
That is not a affiliate link. I don't do affiliates.

More on this later.

Did you attend the conference?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fishing Line In Crochet

Fishing line in crochet

Have you ever noticed how neat and perfect those russian crochet hats look? Notice the edges and decorations?
If you or I were to try our hand at making those hats we would go crazy starching and blocking them trying so hard to make them stand still. Do you know how the ladies in the pictures above  got their edges to come out so stiff?

They used this:

That is a fishing line. More commonly called the Spenzi Line and very commonly used in making artificial jewellery. It is also used in beading to hold the beads together and it gives a rather magical effect. You can't see the line when worn but it does it's job of holding the shape.

In crochet too, it is used for the same purpose: to give shape to the object yet still remain transparent. When used right this has many advantages. You can use Spenzi line to make the edges stiff and stand out or you can give a curled and spread out appearance. It depends on how you use the wire and how many lines of it you do actually.

How do you use fishing line in your Crochet?

Just carry it around with you and make the stitches over it. If you add it just to the very last line in your hat (no not on a cap!) like I did in my Gold and Diamond hat, only the end of the hat will stay stiff. leaving the rest of the hat to be soft. It will be just enough to keep the edge from curly over and around the face. If instead, like in the above picture, I had added it to all the single crochet on the band of the hat, it will stand hard and stiff and away. 

If you use a very thin yarn or crochet cotton, you can use the wire for the whole hat. The end result will be a very feminine lacy hat and people are definitely going to wonder how you got it too stand so stiff. No starch (no modge podge) either!

In what projects can you use a fishing line? You can use it in flowers, edges of hats and collars, decorations of all sorts, any place that you want to stiffen.

Spenzi line comes in different sizes. I used the size 0.6mm for the Gold and Diamond's hat. You can use a smaller or a larger size but remember that the thicker the wire the more stiff it will be and chances of it being seen.

Where can you find Spenzi Line for Crochet? Most craft and crochet places arw stocking them these days but you can most definitely find it in shops that have jewellery making materials.

There is so much you can do with this wire. I am just experimenting around.

Have you used Spenzi Line before? What do you do to get your crochet to hold shape?
pictures copyrighted to Legandasun and LimaGi

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

DSLR Photography: Learning to take better photographs

Better Photographs

So... you have bought your very first DSLR and you have read your manual and you take pretty amazing photos on Auto Mode with or without flash. Then you start feeling uncomfortable and try your hand at the Manual settings and trying to get your camera off the Auto Focus. It turns out so bad that you want to scream that you will never make that mistake again. But... you do want to make that mistake again... you want to keep on making mistakes till you get it right!

If you are like me, that is your story too. The first night that I had my camera with me, I stayed up past 2am to take pictures of everything and anything in my house. Kids, furniture, smudges, the rug, the label behind the rug... everything. Then I read and read the manual till I was sure, I knew everything there was to know.

I wrote about reading the manual when I shared How To Buy a Camera. Let's presume you have read it. How else can you learn to take better photographs? Here is what I do:

  1. Practice. Keep on trying. There is nothing that beats practice. Try to find your own style. Don't just take photographs, observe them too. Learn to recognise what does what. Don't go for the accepted norms or what others say work. Find out for yourself. Experiment, play, enjoy your camera.
  2. Shoot eveything, all the time. Take pictures of everything that you get your eye on. And... then look at your pictures with a very keen eye. Take your camera everywhere and play with it in all kinds of light and conditions. I discovered some amazing stuff this way!
  3. Get into a company of peers. Look for photographers online, offline, in books, collect info by not just reading but talking to them too. See videos. Nothing teaches better than a teacher. Join clubs, forums, groups.
  4. Participate and Compete. You can find groups that host competitions and learn alongs. You can learn from them. When you join forums or groups, there will be many that you will come across. Even if you are not comfortable sharing your pics, take a few yourself and observe others.
  5. Jump in with both your feet. You cannot learn something unless you are passionately interested, I feel. Buying gear isn't the same as becoming a photographer. Look at photopraphy everywhere. Try to copy what you like. Copy others styles too. Teach yourself. Remember when you first started to ride a bike? Yeah like that.

The best place to find articles and material on photography (and a lot of everything) is Pinterest. Find boards on photography and then move on from there. Here is my board if you want a starting place. I discovered photo ladies. Here are the details of what we are doing. If you are a lady, come join us we are a fun group.

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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Never Head East, I Say!

Life skills

My best friend asked me to write a post on time management. She thinks I can give lessons. I had to laugh. Ask my mom and siblings, is what I wanted to say. They really know me well but, then again... I do manage to do a lot more than an average mum to three.

I am Attention Deficit and I have Obsessive Compulsion Disorder. For those of you don't know what that is, let me explain. In simple terms, I keep jumping from one thing to another and often forget what I was working on. I can get crazily obsessed with something and you'd think I will be doing it for the rest of my life but the next day, I will forget about it. I am passionately writing or speaking on a topic by day and a few hours later or by evening, I would have forgotten and cannot recall even a word. That is called ADD with OCD.

I find it very surprising that I was never diagnosed as a child. I don't think many people knew about the condition then, but I was always labelled as 'highly charged'. The consequences to that was that sometimes I suffered and sometimes I succeeded. Everyone thought I was 'moody' or 'driven'. Over the years, I have taught myself to deal with my moods. When my friend asked me to write about time management or more precisely how to work with three kids, I thought I'd share with you one trick that has saved me a lot of mess.

I never head EAST! EAST is abbreviation for Everything At the Same Time. I read a lot of books on organisation. I didn't know why I did that until I was diagnosed and somewhere years ago I had read about not heading EAST. It has stayed with me ever since. In fact, it has become a Life Skill.

Why should you never head EAST, you ask?

Well, the answer is because when you do everything at the same time, you accomplish nothing. It is like opening a closet with the intention of decluttering and pulling out everything on to the floor. You just sit there in the middle, find nothing and you have no choice but to put it all back where it belongs. There will be confusion too. Instead, if you took things out one at a time, you'd atleast know whether to keep or throw what you are holding in your hand. If you have to leave the job half way, atleast half the things have been discarded and you can pick up where you left off the next time.

How can this apply to managing my time, you ask?
Get your priorities set right, I say. Understand what your needs are first. Next, identify what your limitations are. Then put it all together. You will then know what really matters and what doesn't.

Yes, that is all nice but I still don't understand what I sholuld be doing, you say?

I can't tell you what to do because I myself don't have a to-do (or rather a how-to-do) list. What I do have, is a 'what not to do list.'

Here is a list of things that I think you should never do.

  • Never do everything at the same time: The compulsion to get it done is always very high but remember, it is the least successful. Nobody ever got anything done by trying to do it all at once.
  • Never hobby/craft when kids/you/spouse/family is sick or in crisis. Health and family first.
  • Never post/create more than thrice a week. I always make sure that whatever hobby I am doing, I am concentrating on only one per week. I am either writing or I am making or whatever. That is one of the reasons why when I am crafting my posts take longer to be published.
  • Never work on weekends. I don't follow that anymore because I blog now and weekends are when my posts get scheduled. Previously, I didn't work on weekends. It was like I saved my hobbies and busy-ness for the week days when I needed something to ward off boredom. Isn't that what hobbies are?
  • Never do chores all the time: House work will always be there. You will always have errands to run, cleaning to do and all. Priorities and manage. If you can outsource... all the more better! You can hire help, get the kids and family involved. Remember somethings are more important for your sanity than for anything else.
  • Never ignore your kids when they want to talk. Sometimes we are so busy running with the clock or trying to find that me-time that the little ones never voice out their needs or we ignore them. You have to be a mother first. There is an advantage to talking to your kids. You make allies out of them and they help you eliminate the stress factor associated with time management.
  • Never miss eating a meal together. Say it with me 'a family that eats together stays together!!'
  • Never do laundry all the time. Oh please. Don't ever do laundry all the time! It is viscious circle of wash, iron, fold, put away, wash iron fold, put away. Just three days. Never ever more!
  • Never cook all the time. When I first got married, I was beginning to think that married life meant he got a cleaner, a cook and an entertainer all in one. Then I got some sense kicked into me when my son was born. Plan your meals, freeze some, prepare in advance, get creative!
  • Never clean all the time. You are not the vacuum cleaner. Nobody hired you either. It is your home. Homes should be lived in.
  • Never be a perfectionist. It will kill you. I am serious. I have my example to share here. I wasn't always this smart and I am seeing the results now.
  • Never give up on sleep. You need that me time but not at the expense lf your health.
  • Never forget to drink water, snack healthy and excercise. Think about including this as number one on your me-time list.
  • Never forget to charge your batteries: yourself and your camera. Apart from eating and sleeping we need time to be ourselves. That isn't me-time, it is nothing time. And... Oh pictures! More pictures. Memories. Go making, taking and collecting memories.
  • Never forget the love of your life. I am talking about your significant other not your mobile phone. We often get so busy with kids, our hobbies, social networking, our jobs... that we forget that we all started with love and vows.
  • Never forget God. Never forget God. Not just to thank but to ask... For blessings, for health, for love and for life. You wouldn't want Him to forget you, would you? Never forget His love either because we all need more of God's love then of anyone else's.
  • Never forget vacations. We go years after years thinking 'as soon as---'. We get older, our's gets older, life changes, health changes, then we just cannot. Go now and then go again next year and every year after that.
  • Never underestimate the power of a routine! No, no not for you. The kids. Put kids on a routine. They will make your life easier and they will stay in order. It is a win-win solution for everyone. I know what most people think about routines but trust me, you have no idea unless you try it. More on routines coming soon.
That's how I manage my time: I never head EAST. What say? What direction do you go?

photo credit: iphwin via photopin cc
photo credit: FutUndBeidl via photopin cc
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