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Tatting LaceWelcome to Words n Needles!

I am Aysh Siddiqua, a former biotechnologist (M.Sc) who is now a full time stay at home mom. I crochet, I craft, I tat lace...I write. But most of all, I love being a mom! 

*Why is my avatar a picture of a lace? Because over the years, that is how I have to come to be recognized as... the lady who tats lace!

What is WordsnNeedles.Com about?

In 2003, I was freshly out of college and trying to get a seat to do my Masters. I had ample time waiting for the results to be announced. I had already knit a sweater, made five bouquets of artificial flowers from scraps.. I was babysitting my little cousins in the afternoon... doing a course on making Bonsai Plants... pestering my mother to let me adopt a stray dog... and writing my first novel. The novel didn't happen but one day at breakfast, reading the newspaper, I found blogging. I have been here ever since.

But what could I blog about but my latest adventures. I have been blogging since 2003. I am now a business owner but crocheting remains my first love. Here on Words 'n' Needles, I share my passion for crochet and tatting lace.

Here on WnN, you will find how to crochet from beginner level to expert.
I love making hats for my children. There are also some other wear-ables and tote-ables... and all this and more, I love to share with you. The patterns are mostly free and you may make and sell them but please, don't post the pattern anywhere without credit or sell it in any form.

Much love,

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  1. Hi Aysh,

    Nice and beautiful site.

    With best wishes,

    Mohammad Z
    02 Jan. 2014


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