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I love Love Crochet! Click on the Links below if you want to learn to crochet or make one of my patterns. You can find all of my Crochet related posts here

If you share my stuff anywhere then don't forget to link back to me! :) Or if you use it for personal use, then do let me know how you like it. I'd like to know how to improve on the patterns too. :) Happy Crocheting.

Learn to Crochet

Reading Pattens in Crochet
Learn to read Charts and written patterns here

Learn to Crochet- The basics
You can learn all about yarns, needles and the basic stitches

Hats, Caps, Berets, Bands and Beenies

Gold and Diamonds

Spring Flower Hat and booties
Spring Flower Booties Pattern
All of Lil' One's Collection

First Beret with a Sparkle
Shells and Sequins
First Step Booties
The Fall Hat
A Welcome for my nephew

Jo's Cap
24Hr Cap
That military feeling
Candy Swirl
Diamonds for a Boy
Blue Slouchie
The Beret
For the Princess
Rainbows in the Sun
A Flower for a Flower

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